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Josh's Entry...

When Michelle was about 8 months old, I decided that I would enroll in school for the January semester.  She was a very happy baby and quite agreeable to staying with her grandma.  So with the help of my mother, who agreed to babysit, I went back to school.  Just after I had registered for the semester Tommy and I found out we were having another baby!

This baby was due May 24 and the last day of finals for the semester was to be May 16.  Michelle, our oldest, had been 2 weeks late so I thought the dates would work out fine!  Oops!

I was taking 4 classes, 3 of these classes had oral/written reports and presentations rather than final exams, the same man taught these 3 classes.  The professor's policy was that if you missed any days of the final presentations, regardless of whether you had done your own or not, it would be considered an automatic fail.  These presentations were to start on May 5 and end May 16.

I showed up on that Monday with all three of the papers done and ready to do the presentations before I lost my nerve!  I volunteered and went in the first round for all three classes.  Whew, got them all done.  Now I could relax and just sit there while everyone else went.  I only had one other class to worry about, and that exam was going to be a take home final with a specific date and time to bring the completed exam back to the professor.  No problem!

I left the college that Monday afternoon, stopped at my mom's to pick up Michelle and went home.  Tommy came home from work and we had supper.  About 11 o'clock that night I went to put Michelle to bed.  As I was laying there with her, waiting for her to go to sleep I felt something strange.  I called in to Tommy to come in (he was almost asleep) and he was kind of grumpy and said "what do you want?  I'm sleeping!"  I called back and said that my water had just broken.  That got his attention!  He came running in and we got everything put together.  We took Michelle to my mom's house and then on to the hospital!  By 9 o'clock the next morning our little boy was born!

I went home from the hospital on Wednesday.  On Friday I went over to the school to talk to my professors.  The one who had the presentations was irritated that I had not been in class on Wednesday or that morning (I had called and left messages on their voicemails).  I explained that I had been in the hospital having a baby (how hard is it to tell that someone dropped 20 pounds over night anyway?).  He says "oh, well, I expect to see you in class Monday".  My other professor says "what are you doing here?!?  get home, don't you worry about the exam, we'll come up with something!"

So, Joshua spent the next week in a Snuggli pack sitting with me at a desk so I didn't lose all the work I'd done all semester.  I went all three days with a 1 week old baby to class.

By the way, I got "A's" in all of the classes!

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