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to Michelle's page!
Hi there!  I'm Michelle.  I just turned 3 in January.
(but I was only 2 in this picture!)
I like to play with my friends, sing and dance and go to church.  My daddy
is the pastor at our church.
I have a little brother (Josh) who I love.  I also have a dog named Pokie
(she is so funny!) and a cat named Thumper.
I watch Nick Jr. I really like ALL the shows, but mommy usually only lets
us watch Blue's Clues and Little Bear.  Daddy is getting us
hooked on Bugs Bunny and the rest of the
Looney Tunes, too!
We have 3 of the Veggie Tales movies. They are GREAT!  We are going to
have a Veggie Tales Vacation Bible School this summer at church, so
if you live close, you should come!
 Mommy says it is very important to know Jesus.
Do you know Him?  If not, go to this page
and read it!  Thank you.
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