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Pokie is our dog.  She is 3/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/4 Saint Bernard (we think).  She was born Christmas Eve 1997, making her almost 2 now! We have had her since she was 5 weeks old (too young, yes, but that is when we got her). She  has made herself at home and is very much part of our lives. Anywhere we go, she goes. We had to get a van because our little Toyota couldn't deal with all the stuff for traveling with a dog and 2 kids! Between the dog crate, food, stroller, playpen, car seats and clothes there was no room for all the stuff, forget about the people! Actually, the car was a bit crowded with all the kid stuff before we ever added the dog!

 She was the smallest puppy in the litter, a couple of the bigger ones were really cute, and I had originally gone intending on getting a male and a larger puppy.  I wanted a dog that would be just like my mother's old dog, who was a great dog.  Instead, I come home with a female and the runt.

 We went that day originally just to look at the puppies and pick one out, then we would go back a couple weeks later and pick "him" up.  We got there and discovered that the momma had died, chicken bones lodged inside, and a couple of the puppies had died because they were put straight on dry food when the momma had died and they choked.  I decided to go ahead and take mine home then, that way I knew whatever happened was my responsibility not theirs.

   Great Pyrenees are wonderful dogs, but please don't get one just because you think they are cute or impressive looking.  They are large dogs and need proper training and handling (trust me, I know!).  Please check out the following websites if you think you want a Great Pyrenees:


...I love my dog dearly, but she is a handful and not a dog for someone who is not 100% committed!

    I hope you've enjoyed looking at the development of my puppy!  I think she's awful cute.  She is the sweetest, best tempered dog you could ever ask for.  She has been great with my kids and even my husband (who isn't a dog person) will grudgingly admit that he loves her!

    Please make sure you go visit the other links to Pyr sites if you are interested in dogs!  The four I listed have links to hundreds of other Pyr and dog in general sites!

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