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This is Our Story...
    I'm Kerry.  I was born in Ontario, Canada.  I lived there 'til I was 5.  At that time my parents moved the family south...south of the Canadian border...south of the Mason-Dixon line!  I grew up in southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee.  When I was 16, the summer before my senior year in highschool, my parents moved us again.  To Rochester, New York.  It was the summer of 1991. 

     Tommy, who is now my husband, was born and grew up in the Capital region of New York.  He went to a community college there and got his Associates degree in Chemistry.  He started looking for a job and found one at Eastman Kodak in... Rochester, New York, of course!  He moved there and started work in the summer of 1991. 


      We met at Browncroft Baptist Church in Rochester.  We started dating in February of 1992.  We dated for 6 months and then broke up.  While we were dating Tommy was feeling the pull to go into full time ministry.  Shortly after we broke up he surrendered to God's call into the ministry. 


      He quit his job at Kodak and went to school full time to finish up his Bachelors degree.  He graduated with a Bachelors in Sociology in the spring of 1994.  While he was going to school he worked delivering pizza and at a convenient store and he lived in a room in the church. 


      Now, since we are married now, we obviously did not stay "broken up" forever!  We started dating again in the summer of 1993.  He asked me to marry him February 7, 1994.  Two years to the day from the date of our first date.  (If you'd like to read another whole story, go to The Ring.)  We were married in November of 1994 at Browncroft Baptist Church. 


      Tommy started seminary at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary - Northeast branch in January of 1995.  Our first child, a beautiful baby girl, was born in January of 1996.  Michelle weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces when she was born.  We moved back to Rochester right after Michelle was born.  Tommy had been asked to be the assistant pastor at Browncroft Baptist Church. 


     He found a job at a factory in town and worked there per diem while he worked at the church.  After a 1 year break he returned to school, commuting 2 days a week, still working at both the factory and the church.  In May of 1997 our second child was born.  This one a boy.  Josh weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces at birth (I sure liked that a lot better).  He came 3 weeks early causing a bit of a scheduling conflict for me!  To find out about that story, see his page. 


      When Josh was 6 months old, Tom accepted a position as Pastor at Alexandria Bay Baptist Church in Northern New York.  We moved here in January (I hope we never move in January again!) of 1998, 3 days before an icestorm knocked out the power for 2 weeks!  My husband laughs now, his first and second "official" acts as pastor here were to cancel services! 


      That brings us up to now!  And now we are serving God with His help here in "the Bay" and we are very thankful for all the wonderful provisions God has given us in our married life so far and all the wonderful blessings we know are ahead.