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Hello there!  I'm Michelle.  My mom thought it was time to update these pages.  I didn't like the boring ones that were up before!!  No pictures, no nothin'!

This picture is from last spring.  My mom has lots of new ones taken, but she hasn't gotten them developed yet!  Maybe you could remind her to do that!

I am 3 years old, but I'll turn 4 in January!  I know the WHOLE alphabet and I can recognize most of it on the computer keyboard and even when my mom writes it out for me!  I can count to 10 on a regular basis and sometimes I can get to 20.  I can recognize most of the numbers in print as well!

I have a little brother, Josh, who can aggravate me to no end, but he is also my best buddy.  I call him little buddy.  I'm the sweetie, he's the buddy.  I'm glad I have him to play with!  He copies EVERYTHING I do.  Most of the time I think it is funny, but sometimes it gets on my nerves!



This is Pokie.  She is our dog and is a great playmate!  She is happy to do whatever we want her to when we play.  Some days she is our horse and other days she rescues us from monsters that hide in our closets.  Not a bad list of activities for a house pet, now is it?  Of course, right now while mom is on the computer, her favorite place to be is all squished in under the desk!

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you go see the rest of the pages my mom is working on.  Don't worry, if they aren't done now.  She'll get them done soon!


...hey, did I tell you purple is my favorite color?