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Hi there folks! Thanks for coming to see me!
(me & my spaghetti!)
My name is Josh. I just turned 2!  Sorry the picture is kind of old! Mommy says she will update it real soon!
I'm a very happy little guy (mommy says I better be for how unhappy I was the first 4 months of my life!)  Speaking of which, mommy thinks she has a story for you, so click on the ball if you want to read it!
    There are all kind of things I love to do. Most of them involve making a mess though! For instance, did you know that if you want cereal and the box isn't opened yet all you have to do is stand on the box and the top pops open and the bag does too! I was really happy when I discovered that one!
(mother's note: we have lost about 6 boxes of cereal because of this new found activity!)
I love to play outside with my sister! She is my best buddy.  We have a swingset in our back yard and in the summer we have a little pool that I haven't quite figured out yet, but the dog loves it.  My sister and I got to play on the swing set the other day for the first time this spring.  We had a blast.  We got to ride bikes and write on the patio too!
There are lots of things I love to do. Here is a list of my achievements so far:
I can walk (an old pro now!) and run and play ball and I almost figured out how to pedal the big wheel and then it broke! Mommy and daddy bought me a new bike to replace it, but my legs are too short yet. Just wait until next year... then watch me go!
I all of a sudden opened up a whole new world of words for myself!  You should hear me blabber now!  Especially when I'm proud of myself.  "I did it" or "I can" are my new favorite phrases!
I have a real, big boy bed! I had a little kid bed, but my sister kept taking the sheets off so mommy took it down. Then I got a normal big boy bed. A few days ago mommy and daddy went and bought me a set of bunk beds! Wow, are they ever neat! I love that top bunk!
I love music. We have a tape we listen to called "The Bakers Dozen" and it is great. I could listen to it all the time. I love to dance to it too!
(OK, I used to have tapes, then I pulled all the tape out, so now we have none.  Mommy wasn't too happy that day!)
You know, those Veggie Tale guys aren't to bad either. They make me laugh!  We're doing Veggie Tales for VBS at church this year, cool huh?
While we're talking...mommy says God loves everyone.  Did you know that?  If you've never asked Jesus to come into your life, would you please go to this page and read it (click on the bear)?  Thank you so much!
Thanks for coming to see me! Come back soon, I'll try to put some neat stuff on here and let you know what I'm up to!
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